Bakery Equipment

Spiral Mixers, Planetary Mixers, Moulders, Bun Dividers, Volumetric Dividers, Resting Machines, Dough Sheeters, Bread Slicers and More!

Mixers: Fixed bowl spiral mixer, Removable bowl spiral mixer, Overturnable spiral mixer.



Fixed bowl spiral mixer:   Removable bowl spiral mixer:  Removable bowl spiral mixer:  Overturnable spiral mixer:

2 motors with 2 speeds   2 motors with 2 speeds            2 motors with 2 speeds            2 motors with 2 speeds  

Capacity:2kg-300 kg        Capacity:6kg-300kg                  Capacity:15kg-300kg                Capacity:15kg-300kg  



Bench-dump spiral mixer:    Diving arm mixer:             Planetary mixer:                     Fork mixer:

2 speeds+reverse                Ideal for pastry                  Fixed or removable bowl        Capacity: 20kg-250kg 

Hydraulic elevator                Various sizes available     Capacity: 10L-180L



Lifters: Powerful, Reliable, Safety. 3 different model for 3 different highness: 130cm-160cm0269cm. Stainless steel bases, Hydraulic motion system. 

Hercules Lifter: made to work from 2,27mt to 3,82mt. Stainless steel base. Very reduced overall dimension when lifter is closed. Hydraulic control board inside the basement. 

Feeding Hoppers: presented are indispensable machines for the correct feeding or production lines for bread and other oven products. These machines put over the dividers are able to dose the dough contained in their hoppers so that the work of the divider is guaranteed. 


Automatic volumetric divider:  from 900-5400 pieces/hr, pieces size: 80g-4300g




Special dividers for ciabatta, Turkish bread :, as well as normal bakery products.These machines work with up to 80% humidity!!Interchangeable knives and compact design.NEW TECHNOLOGY!!!


Bun dividng rounding: Automatic/Semiautomatic bun divider and rounding system.  With two cylinders, one cylinder for cutting and one for rounding. 



Hexagonal Dividers: divide batches of dough for bread in 37 pieces of hexagonal shape. The dimension of the hexagon can be of 57 or 62 in the increased version. The pieces of dough can be used for puffed bread or they can be roundd or rolled afterwards to obtain any desired shape. 


Squared Dividers: Suitable to divide 50ft doughs for baguette, long loafs, etc. It produces rectangular pieces in various divisions and sizes and afterwards they can be shaped or extended.Available from automatic-semiautomatic-manual. 


Conical rounder: Suitable for proceesing any kind of dough. It is especially suited to be combined with automatic dividing machines, owing to a special dough drying system which prevents the dough from sticking.

Moulding machines: Available from 2 or 4 cylinder moulding machine. With belt widths of 500mm or 600mm. 


Baguette moulding machine: form long loafs, baguettes, small loaf and other types of bread up to a max. lenght of 70 cm.




Bread Slicer: Automatic & Semiautomatic for different types of bread


Dough sheeter: Manual, semi-automatic and automatic dough sheeters.These machine produce dough sheet as thin as 0.2mm, with a max. laminating speed of 30mt/min.Available in 630mm or 830mm widths.Digital control panel on automatic model.Bench models also available.



Single / Double door proofer chamber: The steam generator automatically maintains the correct water level and is fed direct from a mains supply and can be used interdependently from the heating elements if high humidity is required. Both the heat and humidity are controlled by interdependent electronic controllers which are easy to set and give a clear reading of the conditions within the cabinet.



Blast freezer turbo system: With digital control panel.Output of 80-150kg per hour approx.Available in models reaching temperatures as low as –40ºC.Larger models also available.


Blast chiller MINI turbo system:With digital control panel.Available in models for 5 trays, 10-14 trays, 20 trays or larger.

Available in models reaching temperatures as low as –40ºC.

Deep freezer system: suitable for both manual or automatic.Handling of racks for medium-large production.Working temperature of –38ºC.Available with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 trolleys.



 Industrial Line


Automatic groups of various sizes & types  ; Automatic lines for rolls, long loaves, tinned bread etc..

Various models & sizes available.Adjustable piece weight & size.




INDUSTRIAL PLANETARY MIXERS: Available in 120L, 200L, 300L and 400L models (or larger on request), these machines are ideal for very large production quantities.Solid construction and high quality materials make these planetary mixers an ideal long-term investment.Available in full stainless steel model, or stainless steel bowl & galvanised exterior.

HORIZONTAL “Z” ARM MIXERS: Available in 300L, 550L, 800L and 1000L models (or larger on request), these machines are ideal for very large production quantities.Ideal for all types of bakery products including biscuits, cakes and crackers.Stainless steel construction.Easy to clean and operate.



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