We supply Modular Ovens, Deck Ovens, Rotative Ovens, Steam-Tube Ovens, Electrical, Gas, Diesel, Gas-Oil... All Sizes and Capacities!


Electric deck oven: 



Standard functions: vapour production independent for each chamber,

                             vapour sucking on the whole baking surface,

                             start hour programmer,

                             balanced feeding;

                             complete opening of the small doors;

                             control devices placed on the right or the left side on choice;

                             double lighting of the chambers;

                             control of the electric consumption by means of the power system.



Electrical deck ovens of various sizes.Available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 deck models.With refractory brick baking surface.Very economical to run.Each deck with independent control.Models from 12 trays up to 36 trays.


Rotary ovens :




Rotary ovens in a range of sizes and capacities from 18 trays (single trolley) up to 72 trays (double trolley).

Suitable for any type of bread or pastry product. Gas or electric models available.


Steam-tube ovens:





With the steam tube ovens, you can optimally control the balance of temperature between the centre and the surface of your product.
Ovens available in:
3 decks
4 decks
5 decks
6 decks
7 decks


Loading system



Manual loader: Can be adapted to any deck oven
                        Steel and aluminum frame
                        Manual loading and unloading operations.
                        Supplied with 1 setter with thin end for loading and unloading
                        Sliding up & down rails and counterweights on the sides of the oven front
                        Equipped with handle to lock the frame at deck height
                        With front-fold away part
                        Loader rest position at hood height



Industrial Ovens:

Industrial annular steam-tube tunnel oven.

Available with up to 3 decks, each with independent steam control.

Computerised control panel with memory for 99 recipes.

Available in various sizes with baking areas from 20m2 up to 80m2  approx.

Production of up to 8000 loaves per hour.