Smallgoods & Meat Equipment: Mixers, Mincers, Cutters, Dicers, Shredders, Fillers, Derinders, Tumblers, Pickling Injectors, Slicers, De-Boners, Salting & De-Salting, Twine, Netting & Much More!



Slicer: Benchtop slicer suitable for different capacity;extremely quiet and smooth drive system; highly polished aluminium alloy constuction allows easy cleaning and better hygiene.




Chop cutters: Ideal for chopping and slicing a wide variety of meat products including bacon, gammon, steaks and all bone in products. Variable cutting speeds between 97 adn 390 slicers/minute; 22x24cm cutting chamber.



Meat mincers: Benchtop meat mincers of various sizes; Outputs from 150kg/hr up to 500kg/hr; Available with 1,2 or 3 HP motor; Stainless steel construction; Easy to clean & operate.



Band saws: for high volume production of retail cuts for large supermarkets or for small to medium meat plants

Dicers: for high volume cutting with double or four-bladed knife or cutting with single cut knife achieving precise cubes. 45mm( adjustable)  cutting length achievable at maximum blades ;560- 800 cuts/minute. 




Cutters: available from 23 lts to 40 lts; 2 motors with 2 knives speed




Sausage fillers: available from 15lts to 40lts; delivered with 3 nozzles diameter Ø14 Ø20 Ø30.




Meat Mixer:  available from single or double mixer, available in variouse sizes with stainless steel construction. 




Cooking kettles: available from 165, 250, 335, 505, 725 LITRES, Electrical or gas available 



Other machines:


Vacuum tumbler                 Vacuum tumbler                 Picking injector                Strip cutters of various 

For tumbling, salting,             Adjustable rotation speed       For salting of ham               sizes and capacities

mixing, stirring, churning etc. Capacities:150-6000L              & cured meats




Pre-mixing tank 2200L         Vacuum mixer              Double head meat mincer     Frozen meat shredder

Suitable for all meat            Available from 50-10000L    With 1000L pre-mixing tank       Shreds blocks of frozen 

Auto screw-feed discharge                                           from 4000kg/hr plus                 meat into uniform flakes



Garos MDF 1600K,             MAJA VBA 550              Magurit Flaker                Inotec I 175CD 66

vacuum/ cooling tumbler      Derinder on wheels.        For portions of frozen      Emulusifire grinder inotec.

whit Scanvaegt scale.                                               meat blocks.




Formcook ID-NR 1351       Ruhle MKR 600

Teflon steak with over        Vacuum/ cooler/ mixer 

and under heating.             refurbished.


Salting line for prosciutto



Massager machine--Salting machine--De-salting machine--Rubbing machine--Semi-auto de-boning machine


“Autoteles” vacuum massaging system with rolling massage.

Versatile and able to treat different kinds of meat, whole or in pieces, to be treated with injected or dry salt.

Adjustable rotation speed, massage time, pause time & vacuum time.

Discharge by gradual tilting of tumbler bowl.

Loading by column loader, vacuum suction or conveyor belt.



 “Rotomass” automatic vacuum massaging machine setup for thermo-control.

Capacities from 3000kg product (3 containers) up to 6000kg product (12 containers).

Computerised control.

Low pressure hydraulic system controls main operation from main unit.



High-Speed cutter for vegetables, fruits, cheese, frozen meats and other products.

Dices, strip cuts, thin cuts, ripple cuts and diagonal cuts by changing moulds.



Twines, Netting, Spices, etc...

Twine, netting, and casings (natural or synthetic) for salami & other meat products.

Rotino knife sharpener.                      Manual stapler for ham, prosciutto and other meats.


Essences, spices & ready-mixes for all smallgoods products.



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